Bespoke Builds, Purchase Options and Rental Opportunities

Impact Protection Vehicles - bespoke builds, purchase options and rental opportunities

Whether you require temporary rental of impact protection vehicles (IPVs) or wish to purchase one with a light arrow or crash cushion, we can help.

Highway Care are experts in tailoring an IPV to your specific requirements. Our experienced team do this by collaborating with chassis manufacturers, specialist truck body builders and have a unique ability that’s recognised industry wide to supply you with high quality vehicles that are fit for your purpose.

We can offer both Vertical and Folding Lift Motorway Light Arrows with either LED or full Red ‘X’ capability. These matched with the Safe Stop 90 HD Crash Cushion offer reliability, durability and all of the correct approvals for whatever sectors you are operating your IPV. ​

In addition, we appreciate that an IPV is a major purchase and an integral part of your fleet.

Bearing that in mind we want to enable the process to be as easy as possible.

Please contact us below to ease you into your IPV purchase or hire, whether you require; flexible rental, long term contract hire or outright purchase options.


or call us directly on +44 (0) 1622 734215

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