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Safe Stop 90™ HD crash cushion

The Safe Stop 90™ HD (SS90™ HD) is a potentially reusable, heavy-duty lorry mounted crash cushion, usable for all aspects of Highways Management.

The SS90™ HD is suitable for use on stationary or moving traffic management vehicles. Absorbs rear-end impact at speeds of up to 68 mph and can be deployed at a travelling speed of up to 55 mph. The SS90™ HD is fully repairable using interchangeable cartridges.

Testing & Acceptance

  • Tested to NCHRP 350 tests 3-50, 3-51 and optional tests 3-52 and 3-53
  • UK Test TD49/07 compliant at 110 kph/68 mph
  • Can be driven deployed at 55 mph on rear air suspension or at 35 mph on steel rear suspension


  • Galvanised external safety frame that can withstand nuisance impacts up to 5 mph
  • Two internal energy absorbing cartridges, which are replaceable by authorised repairers after a design impact
  • High-performance, long-life hydraulics with independent 3 year warranty
  • Twin design ram operation, with over centre valves to stop crash cushion from dropping due to hydraulic failure
  • Road lights recess on impact. Face and plug / play side markers to mitigate nuisance damage
Weight950 kg
Width2.36 m
Height4.04 m

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