Light Arrows

standard led and Red 'X' Light Arrow

Our range of motorway light arrow systems include those suitable for impact protection traffic management vehicles. The motorway light arrow can be supplied with either a folded top panel or be operated by vertical lift.

Suitable for permanent installation or demountable use.

Light Arrow Options

Red 'X' Light Arrow

  • Operates a dual function red 'X' convoy vehicle no overtaking and light arrow sign, meeting 2017 legislation, compliant to NHSS 12c mobile lane closure traffic management. Works in conjunction with the Safe Stop 90™ HD.
  • Prism sign capable of displaying left and right arrows and P7029 'convoy vehicle no overtaking'.
  • Based on reliable engineering utilising dual colour LED lamp technology; which has the advantage of increased life and durability, with reduced power consumption and maintenance.

LED Light Arrow

  • Vertical LED light arrow with folding option available
  • All can be covered from view with a deployable CE compliant blind system.
  • Fully capable of operation by the driver from the cab whilst the vehicle is on the move.

Standards, Testing & Performance

  • LED - DfT Signs Authorised GT46/43/167
  • Red ‘X’ - DfT Signs Authorised GT50/198/0024
  • Red ‘X’ Prism Sign - HA TR 2517 Issue A Compliant
  • IAN 187/15 Compliant
  • TOPAS 2516B registered


  • 24 x RS2000 LED lamps to display directional arrow
  • 2 x MS340 yellow Xenon lamps
  • 2,300 mm/1,500 mm upper panel in non-reflective traffic grey
  • 2,300 mm/1,900 mm lower panel in reflective yellow
  • DG3 showing a 1,500 mm ‘610’ arrow with left and right function

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