Crash demonstration at Traffex Live 2016
Tuesday, 24 May 2016
  The UK Roads Traffex Live Crash Demonstration Day presents the very latest life-saving, road side products, involving a series of live high speed collisions at the HORIBA MIRA test...
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BarrierGuard 800 Protection at Bournemouth Wheels Festival 2016
Monday, 16 May 2016
In 2015, Bournemouth Borough Council set out to find a barrier that would protect the hundreds of thousand visitors to their town, while limiting further disruption to traffic i...
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P4 Terminal - X-TENSION 110

The X-TENSION 110 (P4) terminal is a D.1.1 universal system with reversible head and fitting kit allowing Left Hand (Verge) and Right Hand (Central Reserve & Departure) installations from one kit of parts.  The system can be attached to any ‘W’ beam system with the non proprietary end beam included in the system kit.  The Xtension 110 is fully approved by the Highways England for use in the UK and the NRA for use in the Republic of Ireland.

The X-TENSION P4 Terminal uses new tension technology which dissipates impact energy by tension rather than compression.  The impact energy is smoothly transferred from the head unit into the tension cables allowing superior post impact vehicle control and redirection even with high angle impacts. A superior performance at moderate cost.



  • Cost effective protection
  • No foundation required
  • Meets EN1317 - 4 P4 Criteria at 110km/h
  • NRA approves for the Republic of Ireland
  • D1.1 Universal System - Controlled Performance on Impact.
  • Can be installed on concrete or asphalt
  • Can be attached to concrete barrier with standard transitions
  • Contractor friendly
  • Suitable for any kind of road.