Crash demonstration at Traffex Live 2016
Tuesday, 24 May 2016
  The UK Roads Traffex Live Crash Demonstration Day presents the very latest life-saving, road side products, involving a series of live high speed collisions at the HORIBA MIRA test...
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BarrierGuard 800 Protection at Bournemouth Wheels Festival 2016
Monday, 16 May 2016
In 2015, Bournemouth Borough Council set out to find a barrier that would protect the hundreds of thousand visitors to their town, while limiting further disruption to traffic i...
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Quickchange Moveable Barrier

The QuickChange Moveable Barrier is an N2, W4 and H2, W6 barrier system for Temporary (Construction) installations.

The system comprises a linked “chain” of reactive tension barrier units which can be raised slightly from the road surface and moved across the carriageway by a Transfer Vehicle allowing lane priority changes during road works and Traffic Tidal Flows.

The system allows better phasing of road works and more intensive construction as a result of more construction space being available, thus improving productivity and better utilisation of manpower and plant.

  QuickChange Moveable Barrier
QuickChange Moveable Barrier  


  • Increases work area for contractor.
  • Barrier can change lanes at up to 10mph several times per day.
  • Construction or permanent applications.
  • Very low barrier deflection.
  • Allows increased traffic flows during peak periods, increased work area during off peak periods.


NCHRP350 TL-3 Testing

QMB barrier impacted by 2500kg pickup at 100km/h at 25 degrees

7500kg pickup_1.PNG


QMB barrier impacted by 1300kg Bus Test