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Highway Care's Antony Butcher ditched intensive training for a few curries

Date: 16/06/2017

Despite initial motivations assembling the Highway Care team, Antony’s enthusiasm somewhat diminished when rigorous training was mentioned.


Having participated in the London to Brighton event a couple of times before, it is safe to say that Antony knew what he had signed up for. Despite previous experience, Antony lacked momentum to devise a cohesive training regime, relying largely on trying to keep up with his 8-year-old daughter Katie, along Hythe Seafront.

Discussing the charity event in more detail, Antony opened up about where his passion for raising money for the British Heart Foundation derived; recollecting his grandfather's untimely death as a result of a heart attack.

Aiming to do at least one charity ride a year, Antony asserted:
London to Brighton has always been a fun way to raise money for charity; well attended and well organised, it has a really positive buzz.'

Bemused by his sheer lack of training and over-indulgence in rich-foods, we think Antony may have neglected to recall just how steep some of the climb elevations are. Whilst confident he will make it across the finish line, assisted by a few pit stops and burgers along the way, we can’t promise he won’t be feeling it come Monday morning!

Antony’s bike riding ability has been called into question with news of several previous serious accidents, one as a teenager which resulted in facial injuries and the loss of a front tooth. More recently on a mountain descent in Peru, where he went over his handlebars a number of times resulting in, a lot of lost skin and blood!

Known in the office as being a bit of an adrenaline junkie, Antony has participated in other charitable events, twice dressing as a cow for a charity regatta in Dover Harbour. Antony shortly plans to start training for his private pilot’s licence, 
maybe it's because a new autonomous car caught his eye.

Antony also insisted we mention that, 
contrary to Glynn’s allegations, no coaxing was involved in getting the team together.

To support Antony in his bid to raise money for The British Heart Foundation, please visit: 

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