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Highway Care Focuses on Safety and Conformance with Innovative Red 'X' Packages

Date: 15/06/2017


Widely regarded as superior in performance, quality and reliability, Highway Care offer approved specialist traffic management body packages for even the most demanding of situations.


With more vehicles on the UK road network than ever before, 31.7 million to be exact, it comes as no surprise that, roads are having to be adapted. The introduction of SMART motorways; in addition to, road widening- schemes, upgrades and mandatory road maintenance, has reinforced the already prevalent requirement for strategic road closure methods, in conjunction with compliant traffic signs.

Priding themselves on being an innovator, Highway Care have made great headway within the Traffic Management industry, most notably being: the introduction of the vertical light arrow design first installed in 2001 and the development of the first ever Red ‘X’ together with Horizont back in 2006.

With a wealth of expertise and experience, Highway Care capitalised on Traffex to  unveil their latest design of the Red ‘X’ system, accentuating the system as the first and only DfT Approved Red ‘X’ LED Light Arrow on the market that is compliant with all convoy closure techniques stipulated in the Interim Advice Notice 187/15 Annex C and Chapter 8, part 2, section 11. 

Combined with SafeStop 90 HD,  the UK’s most popular Crash Cushion, Highway Care’s Red ‘X’ package has the capability to be deployed at speeds in excess of 50mph; as well as, the systems multi-functioning ability to be used for both Mobile Lane closure and Mobile Carriageway closure techniques.

Offering a more cost effective solution in comparison to full VMS Light Board, Highway Care’s Red ‘X’ LED Light Arrow system provides complete trust in compliance. 


With all the latest technology widely accessible, here are some top tips to assist in aiding an informed decision when searching for your next IPV.

Highway Care offer a comprehensive portfolio of road safety products, to explore the sheer breadth of our capabilities or to find out what Highway Care could do for you, visit our website: www.highwaycare.co.uk


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