A second mechanical failure leaves Charlie down but not out after Silverstone disappointment
Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017
  With one mission – getting back on the podium, Charlie ploughed all of his efforts into his campaign, but yet again met a bitter blow.  ...
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Highway Care's Antony Butcher ditched intensive training for a few curries
Friday, 16 Jun 2017
  Despite initial motivations assembling the Highway Care team, Antony’s enthusiasm somewhat diminished when rigorous training was mentioned.   ...
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VRS - P4 Double Sided Terminal - X-TENSION 110 Double

The X-TENSION 110 Double-sided P4 Terminal provides a safe termination for barriers as an alternative to conventional double ramped end terminals which can potentially launch errant vehicles into the obstruction being shielded or into an adjacent carriageway.  Its overall length and low displacement make it particularly suitable for restricted sites.

The X-TENSION 110 Double-sided P4 Terminal is fully tested to EN1317- 4 and is approved for use on Highways England roads. Under test the system proved its capability to redirect a 1500kg vehicle, when impacts from both sides occurred, safely redirecting the vehicle at a shallow exit angle and also absorbing the energy from a 1500kg vehicle impacting head on.  When impacted, the system engages with the impacting vehicle, favourably influencing deceleration and direction of the errant vehicle, bringing it to a safe halt.

  Xtension 110 P4 Terminal Double Sided

Xtension 110 P4 Double Sided Terminal   The X-TENSION 110 Double-sided P4 Terminal is a tension based system that is simple and robust. The impacting vehicle pushes against the impact head smoothly transferring the energy into longitudinal cables which are located behind the system beams.  The resistance between the impact head and the cable dissipates the energy during the rearward motion and brings the vehicle to a progressive, controlled halt

The X-TENSION 110 Double-sided P4 Terminal is the ONLY APPROVED double-sided P4 system available and offers many advantages to contractors and installers



  • Driven post, socketed post and surface mounted post options
  • Fully approved double-sided P4 terminal – can be used without a ‘Departure from Standard’
  • Very cost effective solution particularly when using the driven post option
  • Universal system for verge, central reserve and departure applications
  • D.1.1 Performance
  • Connects directly to ‘W’ beam barrier systems of N2 containment and W2 working width – additional connection pieces are not required
  • Uses new technology to provide high performance at low cost
  • Foundation options to suit most applications
  • Less parts than similar systems - lower stocking and repair costs – speedy installation