Winter Packs for Highway Care
Friday, 15 Dec 2017
    Detling Operatives are keen to see what is in their bag The snow fell thick and fast last week and although the weather may have beat u...
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Successful Transition to 2015 ISO Standards
Tuesday, 12 Dec 2017
    On the 30th November we successfully transitioned to ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015, after an intensive 3-day external audit by UKAS accredited DNV (Det Norske Veritas). In addition, our...
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Pick-up Mounted Sign Boards


The pick-up mounted sign board consists of a 3.0m x 2.3m non-corroding aluminium, P7402 diagram panel.

A voltmeter to give visual indication of vehicle battery condition, durable 4-fold MS340 (340mm) halogen lights, with automatic dimming for night time use, heavy sign illumination lamps, Anti Luce clips and heavy duty galvanised steel construction framework.

Because many of our customers have sign makin facilities we do not offer them as standard, we do however offer them as an optional extra. Customers own signs will need to be drilled to fit Anti Luce clips as fitted.

   Pick-up Mounted Sign Board



  • All models are designed to use a minimal amount of space on the body of the pick-up and allow for easy access to load space.This enables the vehicle to be used for carrying other equipment while the signboard is still fitted to the vehicle.
  • All models allow the signboard to be placed in the stow position where the aerodynamic design helps reduce drag caused by fitting a signboard.This in turn saves on fuel usage and vehicle wear.
  • Demount models can be removed from the vehicle without the need for forklift or lifting equipment. By using the jack legs and removing the vehicles back corner posts, the driver can quickly remove the system and drive away.
  • Fully remote models. The signboard is deployed from the vehicle cab using an electro-hydraulic power pack operated from the cab. The driver is not required to leave the cab except to change signage.