A second mechanical failure leaves Charlie down but not out after Silverstone disappointment
Tuesday, 20 Jun 2017
  With one mission – getting back on the podium, Charlie ploughed all of his efforts into his campaign, but yet again met a bitter blow.  ...
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Highway Care's Antony Butcher ditched intensive training for a few curries
Friday, 16 Jun 2017
  Despite initial motivations assembling the Highway Care team, Antony’s enthusiasm somewhat diminished when rigorous training was mentioned.   ...
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VRS -- BarrierGuard Gate

The BarrierGuard Gate is a ‘safety barrier gate’ as listed in the ’HA Accepted EN1317 Compliant Road Restraint Systems’ and is a derivative of the high performance BarrierGuard system offering N2 Containment with a Working Width of W5. The system is also approved for H2 applications.  The gate is made up from ‘gateposts’, first gate  sections and intermediate units. The ‘gatepost’ may be anchored or free, it is often anchored for permanent applications and free in temporary barrier installations, (the addition of a ’T’ top allows the alternatives). The minimum opening is 6 metres and can be increased in modules of 6 metres.   BarrierGuard Gate open on motorway

Opening the gate is simple and speedy. Both gate pins are removed at the opening end, and one at the hinging end. The wheel sets are deployed with a 13mm square male socket drive located through holes in the barrier top. When the barrier feet are clear of the road surface the gate can be pushed in the desired direction.  Removing all four pins allows the gate section to be removed completely .  Closing the gate is the reverse of opening, no special tools or lifting equipment are required.

The BarrierGuard Gate is from a range of permanent and temporary barrier solutions from Highway Care