Charlie ready for Brands GP for CHALLENGE
Friday, 04 Aug 2017
  Charlie Butler-Henderson is confident that his mid-season troubles are behind him and that he can continue his climb up the MINI CHALLENGE JCW Championship table on the legendary Brands Hatch Grand Prix...
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Light Arrow History, Development & Trust
Wednesday, 19 Jul 2017
Check out the latest InfoGraphic from Highway Care the leading innovator of Light Arrows.  
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Red 'X' led Light Arrow, Prism & SS90

The dual function Red ‘X’, convoy and light arrow prism sign is controllable from the drivers position while in motion, allowing contractors to make full use of a single vehicle  for all traffic management techniques including ‘Mobile Carriageway Closure’.

The Red ‘X’ Light Arrow and Prism Sign can perform to both mobile lane closures and IAN 187/15 Convoy Control vehicle operations. By offering a dual function Red ‘X’ and light arrow sign that is switch-able from within the vehicle cab, contractors can make full use of this valuable technique but also have a normal functioning light arrow for other operations.

The Highway Care Red 'X' Light Arrow construction is based on reliable engineering utilising dual colour LED lamp technology; which has the advantage of increased life & durability, with reduced power consumption and maintenence.

Traditionally, this technique has been trialled using a single purpose full VMS panel which is costly to the contractor not only in terms of the initial purchase price, but also due to the requirement for additional impact protection vehicles for standard light arrow operations. 


  The latest edition to Highway Cares’ portfolio however, utilises a configuration of low cost LED dual colour lamps to enable the operator to switch between light arrow and Red ‘X’ functions, greatly reducing the overall purchase and running costs to the contractor.
Fully remote prism sign technology is utilised to allow the user to switch between normal light arrow operation and convoy control vehicle operations from within the safety of their cab. 

Highway Care offers a quality service which includes crash cushion (LMCC), light arrow and specialist traffic management body packages.  Our vehicle mounted products and services are widely regarded by our customers as being superior in terms of performance and reliability, in the most demanding of situations.  All LMCC packages are backed up by dedicated workshop facilities carrying a comprehensive range of spares.


 - Dual functioning Red 'X' & Light Arrow Prism Sign
- Signs switchable witin the Vehicle cab while on the move
- DfT Signs Authorisation, Chapter 8 & IAN 187/15 Compliant
- TD 49/07 - 110KM/H Compliant crash cushion

Red 'X' LED Light Arrow from Highway Care on Vimeo.

Approved Red 'X' LED Light Arrow Package Demo at Traffic 2017 from Highway Care on Vimeo.