Learning from the Danish: saving commuter time with the Road Zipper System
Tuesday, 21 Aug 2018
A recent road project in Denmark involving 22.5 kms (14 miles) of moveable barrier being deployed in a road widening project created a flexible contraflow lane, moving traffic quickly and saving money, time and lives. Road Zipper System to ease co...
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Highway Care teams up with Aftercare Response to offer industry-leading back-up
Tuesday, 30 Jan 2018
  Operators of road maintenance and traffic management vehicles equipped with safety systems by sector specialist Highway Care can now take advantage of...
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BikeGuard installed along A537 Cat & Fiddle

Date: 12/02/2009

BikeGuard A537 Cat & Fiddle

“During the summer, groups of motorcyclists ride to the Cat & Fiddle pub and effectively use the A537 as a ‘race track’ as the route is considered to be quite challenging in places.  Motorcyclists on the A537 make up less than 2% of road traffic but account for 75% of deaths or seriously injured collisions that have occurred on the route between 2004 and 2006.  It is hoped that providing BikeGuard at this location will reduce the severity of any future motorcycle collisions, however it is still considered that continued Police enforcement and further education is required to change the attitude and behaviour of motorcycle riders using this route.”

Jim Gibbins, Senior Road Safety Engineer, Cheshire County Council

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